Stop the Presses . . . We Have a Winner!!

FIRST . . . Since there were only 4 of you that took on the challenge, I will be sending the 3 of you that did not win, a "parting gift".  You know, like on television :)  So Kate B, Sarah and Mary Ann - send me your snail mail addresses.  Well, not Mary Ann - I already have yours *smiles*.

Ooooooooh, I was smiling ear to ear to find some Earth, Wind and Fire fans like myself out here in Blogland!

Here are the correct song titles to the 10 clues I gave for the Give-Away:
1.  I'll Write a Song for You
2.  Imagination
3.  September
#4 stumped most of you!  The name of the song is Fair But So Uncool.  This song was on their 1974 album titled Open Our Eyes.

Pause my Music Playlist at the bottom of my blog and click on the album cover on this YouTube attachment:

5.  Love's Holiday
6.  In the Stone
7.  Jupiter
8.  Keep Your Head to the Sky
9.  Devotion
10.  Shining Star

Bonus Answer:  Vincennes, Indiana (Red Skelton's hometown).  Yep, I was at Vincennes University and the group New Birth was supposed to be performing in the gymnasium one weekend.  That afternoon, flyers were being handed out in the dorms and around campus that said New Birth (who sang one of my favorites - Wildflower), was not able to come, but Earth, Wind and Fire would be performing in their place.  

Earth, Wind and Fire?!  We were all saying, "what and who the heck is a Earth, Wind and Fire????"  Well, that was in 1972 and I've been lovin' them ever since *smiles*.

Ok Sherry, get on with it . . . who was the WINNER?  The winner IS . . . 


Congratulations Linda!!


Nanc said...

Congratulations Linda. I didn't have a clue.

Linda Ledbetter said...

Holy cow, I can't believe I won! Thanks so much, Sherry! This was a blast. I've been an EWF fan since junior high (and I'm not telling when that was!), but your quiz was tough enough to make me sweat. What fun!

KateB said...

I rechecked my answers and only had 2 wrong so I'm happy! I saw New Birth and wished that EWF had shown up instead. They were ok but EWF woulda been better! New Birth was my first or second concert; I think they were with Rose Royce and Atlantic Starr..I'm def telling my age but it was in 1983.

Sarah said...

OMG only 1 answer away and I had it but didn't have the time last night to email you again...drat! Oh well, at least you challenged the old mind and made me do some brain work.
Congrats, Linda and thanks, Sherry for the "parting gift". This was fun!!!

Sue said...

Congrats to the winner(s). I also did not have a clue so didn't bother to even try LOL


Sheryl Parsons said...

Congrats Linda! Lucky woman for sure!