First things FIRST.  What will you win?  A $25.00 Gift Certificate for anything in my Etsy Shop INCLUDING the shipping and handling.  That goes for all of my international friends as well.  This Give-Away is open to EVERYONE!
Maurice White - 1970
I've been a HUGE fan of the music group Earth, Wind and Fire since 1971.  So for this Give-Away, I will give you 10 clues to some of their songs throughout the years.
Just leave a comment on this post letting me know that you're playing.  But do not . . . I repeat do NOT leave your answers here!  E-mail them to me.  

The first person to answer all 10 correctly, WINS!  And if you don't get them all, I will e-mail you back and tell you how many you answered incorrectly. 

You can then go back and try again!  Enter as many times as you'd like :)

Ok, ready?  Here are your clues.  Name the song titles . . .
#1:  It would be an honor if someone told me they'd write one of these for me!
#2:  Artists need to have one of these.  Bonus clue: This song title has the same name as an album recorded by Gladys Knight and the Pips that was released back in the 70's
#3:  When is Labor Day?
#4:  Things can be fair, but that doesn't mean it's all good
#5:  Can love take a vacation?

#6:  Not written on paper but somewhere else
#7:  Not Mercury, Venus or Saturn
#8:  Earth, Wind and Fire said to keep your head here
#9:  Feelings of ardent love; commitment to some purpose
#10: If you get 1 through 10 correct, you'll be one of these!
Bonus clue for an additional prize.  You must get 1 through 10 correct as well:  What CITY did I first see Earth, Wind and Fire live in concert?

This didn't look like the venue where I saw Earth Wind and Fire 
in the early 70's, but this is where the concerts are held today in this city in Indiana.

You have until Thursday, March 25th at midnight to e-mail me your answers.  Good luck! 


KateB said...

I'm playing! am a big EWF fan!

Sarah said...

Count me in!

Linda Ledbetter said...

This is so cool! I'm in.

Very Mary said...

Oh, I am so in and you already knew it. EWF FOREVER!

Sheryl Parsons said...

Oh good grief! How did I miss this? Must have been knee deep in diapers...sigh....Will have to be more vigilant in the future about stopping by! EWF FOREVER for sure!!!