Patina Soul

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I honestly can't tell you how I ended up at Fawn Hamilton's blog - Patina Soul, but oooooooooooh I'm sure glad I DID!  

The tagline of this blog is "The love of all things old, Time-worn, Chipped, Tattered, Torn and Aged to Perfection!" (Just like that photo on the left of my daddy as a little boy).   Now REALLY, who couldn't just LOVE a blog like that?  Be still my heart!

On Friday, February 5th, Patina Soul's blog celebrated its one year anniversary.  Every day through February 13th (that's today!), you can enter to win a prize.  But get THIS . . . one person will win it ALL!  I would be doing the happy dance if I was that person!  But if one of YOU won, I would still be doing the happy dance.  

So go check it out and look at all of the eye candy.  Each blog post from February 5th has links to some really cool shops that have donated to Patina Soul's anniversary party.  As soon as I'm finished typing this blog post I'm headed back over there to spend some more time drooling.

You might want to bookmark these sponsors!:  Sadie Olive, Vintage Jane, Simply Me Art, Lovella, Junk Genius, Joy Frameworks, Karina Gentinetta, and e.kate designs.


Rita said...

Thank you Sherry, I am on my way. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

Pretty Things said...

Hey there -- just dropping in to say I got my Zen Tangle kit today! THANK YOU for turning me on to that!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Hi Sherry!
Whoa, those crystals in your etsy shop are beautiful!!! Have you recovered from the SB yet? I knew it was over when Peyton threw that INT. WhAT a game though!I'm gonna check out that blog. Happy Valentine's Day! xOxO

Fawn Hamilton said...

Thanks for the sweet comments! ;)