Ok, you can blame it on my excitement for the upcoming cruise (only 9 more "sleeps"!) or you can just say I've lost my mind. But WHATEVER it is, feel free to take advantage of me before I get my senses back.

I just added some new items in my etsy shop, so please stop by and see if there's something you just can't live without. AND, if there's something you see and the price isn't "just right" for you, e-mail me and Let's Make a Deal!

This offer is only good until Sunday midnight, so I have time to wrap, pack and get the orders in the mail on Monday morning - October 5th.
And if you feel the urge, Spread the word!
PS . . . Did you read the blog post about Sarah Fishburn's giveaway below????


Stampmaiden said...

I was wondering what Monty was doing up there. LOL! Very clever! I can't believe your time is about to happen. OOOO, how cool is that!

Sam Marshall said...

How exciting for you Sherry!!!

Household 6 said...

Gosh, I am so envious of your cruise! I have never been on one, but it is on my "bucket list!" :)

I had to LOL at your "artzheimer's disease" on the side. TOO funny!