¡Es tiempo de montarse el transatlántico artero de viaje!

one of the atc's I've made for the cruise swap

Translation for the blog post title is Spanish for "It's time to get on the Artful Voyage cruise ship!"

NO more ironing . . . NO more "day job" . . . NO more laundry . . . NO more washing dishes . . . NO vacuuming . . . NO bathrooms to clean . . . NO grocery shopping NO cooking,
(Taylor will be preparing his own meals while I'm away. I bought "survival" food just in case though) . . . NO etsy shop items will be mailed out. However, if you purchase something, I will be sure to get them in the mail on Monday, October 19th (I'll still be on vacation!) . . . NO setting the coffee maker in the morning. . . and with Wireless Internet Access (Wi-Fi) at 55 cents per minute, $28.00 for an hour or $38.00 for an hour and a half or, well, you get the picture - I probably won't be blogging or e-mailing while I'm away either. And please don't text or call me on my cell phone. International rates are outrageous. I'll be spending my $$ on mojitos*insert BIG smiles here*!

Yes my good friends, the day has finally arrived. At noon, Lezlei and I will be boarding THIS ship and sailing away at 5pm along with approximately 150+ artsy people from AROUND THE WORLD for what I know will be 8 days and 7 nights of pure BLISS on the Mexican Riviera!

¡Véale cuando regreso! . . . That's "See you when I return!"


Samantha Marshall said...

Have a wonderful time and a mojito for me:)

jacque4u2c said...

Have a fantastic trip!!!

TiffanyJane said...

Ohhhhhh Goodie!!!!! Sherry, I hope yall have a blast, sounds like waves of fun!!!! Wising you much relaxation and all the mojitos you can handle :)
Have a GREAT day!!
xoxo Tiff

Gaby Bee said...

Have a wonderful trip you lucky gal!
Gaby xoxox

sf said...

Bon Voyage & Vaya con dios!!!

Sharon A. Keyser-Jackson said...

I hope you enjoy it to the fullest!

Heartinmyhand said...


I Am Very Mary said...

le sigh!