Labor Day Weekend Etsy Sale - 20% Off

No, I'm not selling Prada white pumps in my etsy shop - LOL! I AM, however, having a 20% off Holiday Sale on any and everything in the shop. Need a little vintage doll to get you started on an assemblage art piece? Or how about something pretty with rhinestones to wear in your hair? Or maybe you need a cool place to hide a few things

Here's how it works. First, Go HERE

Select the item(s) you want to purchase

Let me know what you want (e-mail me) and I will deduct 20% off each item selected (s&h not included) and set up a "reserve order" for you

I'll let you know when your reserve order is ready so you can go back and pay using PayPal

All item(s) will be shipped to you on Tuesday morning on my way back to "the day job"

This sale will end midnight Monday, August 7th

Now here's a question for you this Labor Day Weekend: White Shoes or not?

According to Miss Manners, from Memorial Day to Labor Day you may wear white shoes. Not before and not after. How many of YOU grew up following Miss Manners' guide on wearing white shoes?


Judy said...

I am a bit older than you and I had to follow the "no white shoes or clothing" after Labor Day because my mother "said so!"

Frankly, if you want to wear white shoes after Labor Day, go right ahead! Won't bother me! I am too old now to get upset by the small stuff! LOL!!!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Not ME! I TOO grew up following the "no white shoes or clothing" rule *smiles*. PLUS, my feet are too long to wear white shoes. About as close as I get to white shoes are sneakers. And even with those, they have to have some color on them somewhere.