Friday Fill-Ins

1. I feel like bustin' loose. (#1 Funk song in 1978 by Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers)

2. Cleaning house is always fun. LOL - GOTCHA!

3. Right now, I can hear these things: the dishwasher, the airconditioner and the television in the background.

4. Lezlei said we needed to go on the Tim Holtz cruise and I'm glad we're going!

5. The last time I went out to see a movie was in 1975 when The Prince of Tides was released. Well, maybe that's stretching it, but I have to say, it HAS been quite some time since I've been out to see one.

Post Script: Wasn't that scene at the end a tear-jerker?! Where Nick Nolte was driving back home to his wife. It went like this . . .

"At the end of every day I drive through the city of Charleston and I cross the bridge that will take me home. I feel the words building inside me, I can't stop them, or tell you why I say them, but as I reach the top of the bridge these words come to me in a whisper. I say these words as a prayer, as regret, as praise, I say: Lowenstein, Lowenstein".

6. I have absolutely nothing planned this Labor day weekend.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to just chillin' (I seem to do a lot of that on Friday nights), tomorrow my plans include (refer to #2 - urrrrrrgh) and Sunday, I want to get the sewing machine back out!

Whatever YOU decide to do, be safe and enjoy yourself.

Cyber hugs & holiday kisses!


Becca said...

Sometimes having no plans is really nice. Hope you have a great weekend :)

emptycage said...

How do you remember, word for word, a quote from a movie you saw in 1975??? I know you are AMAZING, but wow!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Becca: I think I really like having no plans. It takes the pressure off of cooking, getting dressed, or having to drive somewhere *smiles*

Empty Cage: I'm LOL! I guess you could say that I REALLY liked that movie, huh? I remember running out to buy the soundtrack and playing it every day for MONTHS. My friends thought I was "going through something" because it's not exactly what you would call an upbeat soundtrack *smiles* said...

If you aren't going to see many movies, at least you stick to the VERY best!!