Sarah Fishburn

artwork by sf

Remember a couple of blog posts ago when I was tagged "IT" by Sarah Fishburn? Well, that's the same Sarah Fishburn that is going to be teaching at the K C Willis Studio Retreat (see photo below) in December.
Sarah's inspiration-filled weekend will include learning her signature techniques as you create a personal artist book (or two!) over two days - December 5th and 6th.

You can get all of the details HERE and HERE

And wait, there's more! *smiles* - Did I mention that there's a $300 Lipstick Ranch art giveaway taking place on September 12th? Sure is . . . but you'll need to go HERE for the details *wink wink* UPDATE!!! I won this giveaway!!!


Pretty Things said...

I just want that little house -- those are my favorite kind, and remind me of my first one! Now I live in a boring same-house-as-all-the-others-on-the-street subdivision. BUT, all the neighbors are great, and INSIDE my house, it's anything but ordinary. So I guess there's that!

I Am Very Mary said...

Oh how I wish I could visit!

Michi Michaelson, Orange County, CA said...

Hi Sherry!
THANK YOU so much for visiting my blog! I'm glad you liked the two technique books! I keep buying books and stuff! YIKES!!!! LOL!!!!
Ohhhhhh . . . I LOVE this piece by Sarah Fishburn . . . it's TO DIE FOR! You have got to have more energy than just about anyone I know! I don't have to tell you to Have Fun because I know YOU ALWAYS DO!!!! LOL!!!! Have a relaxing week-end!!!!!