Saturday & Sunday Outings

So on my first official full day of vacation, I drove over to Fullerton to the Mercantile Vintage Flea Market Saturday. There weren't many vendors this month. Hopefully things will pick up as summer draws to a near.

But the day was not wasted. As I drove the 20+ miles back home, I decided since it was early, I would stop at Jo Ann's Hometown Antique Mall and see if anything new had come in or anything old had been marked down. I wish you could have seen the excited look on my face when I turned the corner and saw the parking lot FULL with antique vendors!! I was just tickled pink. Found a parking spot and shopped for over an hour.

Found out that this event takes place about 3 times a year. The next one is Saturday, December 6th. Note to Dede: Mark your calendar!

Today (Sunday) I got up, had a cup of java at home, and then headed over to Irvine to the Flea Market. Today was a good day. But then, just about any day where shopping is involved is a good day wouldn't you say? (smiles)

After making it through two thirds of the flea market, I ran (almost literally) into Dede Warren. I'm glad I'm not into vintage buttons yet, because Dede took me to one of her friend's booths (Sharon) who sells fabulous vintage buttons at really reasonable prices! Hey Dede, does Sharon have a website?

I'm adding some items in my etsy shop over at Got Art? throughout the day, so come by, take a look, and pick up something you just can't live without (smiles). I'm soooooo enjoying my holiday so far!

Oh yeah, I've got the teenage manchild I still have to run around and play mom-is-an-atm machine to. But for now, he and his friend are safely at another friend's home, and I'm back at home blogging, etsying, and sipping on a few Malibu Rum and pineapple juice cocktails.
Ahhhhhhh, isn't my holiday off to a good start? LOL


dede warren said...

Thanks for keeping me informed Sherry! Maybe we can plan meet and do lunch at the next parking lot sale... even though its still many months away! Nope, Sharon doesn't have blog, etc... and those happy hour drinks sound FaB. enjoy sweet friend...

mystele said...

so cool!!! i would personally die for a day like that! also, i got your cards today! thank you so much for the visuals...i love the way they feel, too!

Shell said...

Hi Sherry,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your blog. It's full of art and I enjoying the music too. I will be stopping by often. Yes, I can't wait till I get my print from Mystele. You have a beautiful day. Glad you have 17 days off from the day job.