First Weekday of my Holiday

This is the first weekday of my vacation from *the day job*. Woke up bright and early, watched a little news, and then put on a pot of coffee. Ahhhhhhhhh, things were going so well.

Then I reached in the kitchen cabinet to get a coffee cup and out of all the cups in there, this is the one that my hand went to. YIKES! I hope this doesn't mean anything. LOL!

One of my son's friends spent the night last night. They are finally up and moving around this morning. And since I'm home today, I thought I would fix them a nice hearty growing teens midwest breakfast. Although we live in So Cal, I was born and raised in the midwest. I fried some pork chops, baked a pan of biscuits, and prepared the requested scrambled eggs w/cheese. Aren't I a nice little mother this morning? (smiles)


dede warren said...

that breakfast sounds devine, and oh so much better than the cheesy~toast I had. Your son's gonna be spoiled by the time you head back to work!

whymsicalmusings said...

Sherry wishing you the best Holiday!!! I love the cards you sent me just beautiful!!!!