sitting (pretty).
Thank you Erin, Jan, Stacie, Vickie, Mary, Lisa, and both Marilyns for taking a chunk of time out of your weekend to come and play together *smiles*.

And of course a HUGE thank you to Sheryl *and company* for continuing to open the doors to Whimzy! for me so I can do what I love to do . . . TEACH!

Update! - Not ONE cookie (homemade by Sheryl) was remaining at the end of class


Helen said...

Not surprised there were no cookies left, they look great. So do the necklaces.

Dorthe said...

I would have loved being there ,learning from all your wisdom,and artistic knowlage, all the necklaces looks wonderfull, --and the cookies, UHHHMMM.

Nancy Lynn said...

Thanks a lot for posting pictures of the necklaces. The ladies are really lucky to have been able to take this class from you. And, of course, the cookies look wonderful.

Hels Sheridan said...

WISH I lived nearer to you.. the same continent would be a help wouldn't it??? COS, I WANNA do one of your classes...love love love all you make hun, have a FAB weekend x

Brenda said...

Ditto, wish I live close to you, looks like a wonderful class.....Brenda R.

Healing Woman said...

Great necklaces and pictures!

Anonymous said...

looks like a lot of fun there!
i love sitting around a group of fellow artists....
a group of creating women!
thanks for sharing!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

and i want a cookie....! but there's none left..and I'm now sobbing! boo hoo!! lol

Anonymous said...

Sherry, Awesome necklace! Boy, I wish I lived closer to California. Would you consider coming to Boston to have a class?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously though, I love your talent, Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful blog! Julie

cigarboxbeads said...

we DID have fun! i really enjoy just being around Sherry! ( no, i'm not stalking! ;>)))) )--she has great ideas, is a great teacher --and i love my necklace! If you ever get a chance to take a class from Sherry--jump at it!

thanks, Sherry, for the fun day ( got some great goodies from Whimzy, too!)
marilyn g

IsaNorris said...

and for us: admiring!
this is beautiful

Elaine A said...

Sherry -

Love the necklaces your students made. What an excellent teacher you are!

Elaine Allen

Rita A. said...

I love your necklaces and all the charms. I can't wait to look around some more.
I found you through the Blog Hop. One of my favorite things at this time. I've found so many lovely artists.
I love the tribute to your dad too.
Rita A.