Biedermeire Doll For Sale

This is another one of my "For Bloggers Only" sales. Today, I am offering this approximately 13 ½ inch porcelain Biedermeire doll. We'll call her Miss Biedermeire for now.  You can name her whatever you'd like if she becomes yours.

Miss Biedermeire has a porcelain (china) head with black painted hair, hands and feet.  Her eyes are blue and her lips are red.  

This lady wears a beautifully sewn red dress that is trimmed in white lace with a matching hood with a fitting bow with red feather.   Her neck and waist is tied with a black velvet ribbon. She wears cotton underclothing including a petticoat and pantaloons. 

The porcelain legs include black heeled boots that have a chip on each toe. The porcelain head is in excellent condition with spider-like cracks inside that you can't feel when rubbing your fingers across her face. 

If you would like Miss Biedermeire, just purchase her at the price listed in my etsy shop by noon Sunday and remember to let me know you saw the sale here.  In return, I will credit your PayPal account with $10.   Your doll will be packed and shipped on Monday! 

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