Sneek Peek of 2nd and 3rd WIP and Completed Tree Collage

I am creating 4 pieces for my Tribute to Michael series. This is a sneek peek of the 2nd and 3rd pieces I am in the process of working on. The first of the four in the series has been sold. You can see photos of it in the previous post.

I'm creating this one on cardboard. I revealed some of the corrugation by tearing the top layer of cardboard and then I gessoed, painted the substrate with acrylics and sponged some stars on.

Deb Famularo has reserved this piece as of Saturday morning. Thanks Deb!

I've added some dimensional glaze to the stars and also to the MJ cutout that was copied on heavy cardstock at Kinkos. I used a white Sharpie paint pen to make the dots around the stars.

Below is the background I have created for the 3rd collage in the series. All of the papers used are painted papers and turp papers from my personal collection.

I created the black and white graffiti paper using a wide-tipped black Sharpie marker. I've also added some acrylic paint to the background.

The blue piece of wood below that I painted to look like blue jean material? That's what I used as the substrate for the piece above.

You may remember the tree collage below from an earlier post that I was working on. I completed my Indiana Tree Collage and have listed it in my etsy shop today.

When I saw it laying in my WIP pile, it seemed to cool me from the very warm California summer day we're having today *smiles*

Happy 4th of July Weekend!


Sam Marshall said...

Happy 4th July!!! Love all your creations. I especially like the Michael Jackson- it reminds me of the scene from `Black or White,' where he is singing in the flames and bursting out of the screen, I think he on the Statue of Liberty?
Very cool art.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

beautiful work-i really admire your use of texture; it all comes together so seamlessly; thanks for sharing.

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Hi Sherry-
Is that Micheal Jackson piece a custom for someone? If it's not sold yet, I want it!!!! xoxo

Stampmaiden said...

Oh Sherry, I love your use of such vibrant colors. Your work is so stunning. You know, Michael never looked so good!