Today, July 4th marks the first time that visitors can tour the Statue of Liberty crown since it was closed following the 9/11 attacks. Twenty lucky visitors will get to climb the 354 steps today.

About 240 visitors per day will be able to climb the steps, but for those of us that do not live in New York or are not planning a trip there any time soon, we TOO can walk the steps to the crown!
We can take a virtual tour of the new Statue of Liberty National Monument anytime from home. Click HERE for the link to the tour.


From this land she beckons here, her beaconed light dost call.
come here all you heavy burdened, come here one and all.
Joins us in our efforts, make our standards tall.
Break the yoke of bondage, answer freedom's call.
Abandon all your heartaches, leave them all behind.
Seize this very moment, come all every kind.
Leave lost dreams behind you, enter at these gates.
Meet our Lady at the door, meet her as she waits.
She holds the keys to Liberty, to freedom as she stands.
Walk right up and touch her as she holds your hands.
When she bows to greet you, your children and your claim.
Her beauty seeks no meaning, her majesty remains.
She sheds her light in Glory and keeps the path this day.
That someday all earths children will feel her beacons ray.
Until that day when trumpets sound as Liberty insists.
She waits here on her pedestal, where GOD still yet exists.

Copyright ©2003
Warren Michaels

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Stampmaiden said...

Happy Belated 4th, Sherry! I had a great day and hope you did too. Plus, didn't you have a long weekend?! WooHOO!