New Silk Ribbon Flowers, Re-Listed Leaf Ribbon Trim and More Rusty Items

Is this gorgeous or WHAT?! Five (5) Moss Green Silk Ribbon Flowers on Elastic with Fibers and Trims throughout the piece. The flowers are 2" wide.

I am selling this piece in addition to 3 yards of the moss green leaf ribbon trim listed at the end of this post. Click HERE to see more views in my etsy shop.

I've added a new listing for some more rusty stuff in my etsy shop. You can find it HERE . The other listing of rusty stuff went pretty quick, so if this is something you think you might want . . .

And in case you needed/wanted some, I'm down to 10 yards (2 orders) as of Sunday night, of the Moss Green Garland Leaf Ribbon Trim that I'm selling at $6.25 for 5 yards.

*** If you are a Follower of my blog and you purchase this item, leave a comment in notes when you check out, telling me you are a Follower, and I will gift you some additional ribbons in your order! ***


BT said...

Hi Sherry, I tried to buy some of your lovely ribbon and some rubber stamps but it said you don't ship to Ireland. Is that correct?

Sherry Goodloe said...

Oh most definitely I ship to Ireland :) Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box for $12.95 via the USPS. I'll e-mail you and set up a Reserve Order. Thanks Gina!

Stampmaiden said...

Sherry, I love that green ribbon! Can we do business at the convention? I'll bring the cash, you bring the stash? LOL!!! I love it!