Irvine Flea Market Find, a Gift and my Latest WIP

A quick post this morning before heading out to "the day job". I wanted to show you the large vintage ceiling tin I picked up at the Irvine Flea Market yesterday. It's got a swirly design and a diamond design mixed and is cream with some peeling green paint and all rusty.
LOVE IT! I was thinking of doing some sort of artwork on the tile, or maybe I'll just drill a couple of holes and thread some rusty wire through it and hang it on the wall. Any other ideas????

And look at this wire dress form I spotted at my friend Janice Golden's booth that she gifted me. :) A nice addition to my ever-growing collection of dress forms. Thanks again Janice! Have a great week ahead!! xoxo

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Sue said...

Hey Sherry, just got your link from Lezlei's site and I'm glad I did! Love the WIP in progress that you just posted AND your flea market finds (a favorite of mine is trolling flea markets).

As for the tile, I think I would hang it or prop it up on a shelf until I became inspired with an idea. It is beautiful and I can see it being embellished with vintage finds.