Just Hangin' On

There are 2 of these hanging on either side of the bar at Original Mike's Restaurant in Santa Ana - COOL huh?! Linda Bucci and I stopped here for a quick bite after our Jacki Long class a couple of Saturdays ago at The ArtBar.

Here's the other one . . .

So, I'm just "hanging on" until my sil/bff gets in town! :) Lezlei is flying in on Wednesday and will be staying with me until next Tuesday. I have soooooooo many places in mind to take her while she's here. Not sure how many we'll get to though.

Some of the days we may just stay in, create art and watch a movie or two. With taking care of her mother as well as her grandmother and working a full-time job from home since she moved from California to Texas this past year, she most definitely needs some "down time"!

Oooooooooh, but I wonder if she'll give me another sewing lesson???? I bought a couple of vintage tablecloths awhile back on Etsy that I would LOVE to make into a bag like this one I bought at Vintage Lady when I taught a class there last year . . . I've even started preparing some meals and have put them in the freezer. I don't want cooking everyday to get in the way of our art stuff while she's here *hee hee*. And I've already picked up the ham that she requested for Easter dinner. It's in the freezer as well.

Can you tell I'm getting excited?! :)


jerseytjej said...

That sounds like a fun time AND a much needed breather! Hope you have fun and art up a storm!

Judy said...

You have a great time with your SIL and enjoy every minute.

Hugs!! ;-))

Lezlei Ann Young said...

I'm excited too!

But as usual I am stressed trying to figure out what I should bring artwise...hmmm.

And as usual...when it's time to head to the airport, what is packed already will go...and what is not packed...oh well.

But I need a break like nobody's business!!!

See ya tomorrow!

Sue said...

You two will have such a wonderful time! Hope you
share some of it on your blogs!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

*Smiles* You two are going to have an amazing time. Good for you, I can't wait to see what you creative ladies come up with...