Update to Vacation - Day 7

I had some time before leaving to go to the Sawdust Art Festival this morning, and completed the Pouting Girl collage. Here she is . . .

After adding some darker paint around the border, I coated the entire piece with Ranger's Sepia Accents gloss medium.


kelsey said...

Your finished artwork looks wonderful Sherry! What size is it? I'm just imagining using the Accents clear coat over an 8" x 10" canvas!!!!! Actually, I've found my Ranger matte accents has gone really, REALLY, thick in the bottle and is a bugger to squeeze out. Do you have this one too?

Sherry Goodloe said...

The canvas is 8" x 10". I used Ranger's GLOSSY accents. I brushed it on. I did not use it the way it is usually intended to be used - as a dimensional glaze.

I've had it for over a year and it still squeezes out just fine - not thick at all. Maybe the matte is a different consistency or you stored it in a cold or too hot location? I have used the matte as well, but can't remember having any *issues* before.

Susan Sager Brown said...

Hey Sherry,
Love this collage, shine and bird die cut. Can't thank you enuf for the recommendation of the esty Pork Chop Show shop. Dropped some cash there, and so glad I did! Quality is choice!!
Blog ya later,