Vacation - Day 7

Coffee to Go

Heading to the Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach this morning!

Wanted to show you the progress on The Pouting Girl before I leave for the day.

I'm going to add some more color (darker) around the border of the canvas to give it more depth.

I covered the canvas with pattern tissue - then added a piece of the *Where have all the flowers gone?* sheet music

Used the peeling paper technique a little and added watered-down paint over the sheet music

more tissue added and gesso dry-brushed in areas and added more paint. I don't know why the gesso looks so white in these next 3 photos. It's not that white.

Finally! . . .glued the doll, dress, legs, hat and words down with gel medium

This is the little wood birdie that I'm going to add once I finish the background

So that's it for now. Will finish on Saturday if I'm too wiped out from the Sawdust Festival to finish it tonight. If it's as hot as yesterday was . . .


mystele said...

soooo cool! can't wait to see the finished piece!

Anonymous said...

Me either! Have a great time and thanks for the details on the piece!

Victorian Lady said...

She is so cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)