Holiday Weekend Wrap Up

I have been making Admit One Ticket Bowls almost every waking moment this past holiday weekend. I was recently blessed with a large order from a lady in New York that owns a theatre production company named - guess what? *Admit One* Yep, and she saw my bowls on etsy and ordered the Admit One bowls I had for sale there and then e-mailed me for a big order. She's giving a bowl to the cast members of the last play as a thank you gift. How cool is THAT?

On Saturday, a friend of mine called and said she wanted to come by on Sunday morning to bring me something she had bought for me. Honestly, I wasn't really up for company, and I still had etsy orders to pack, more bowls to make, laundry to get done, meals to cook, clothes to iron. But I broke down and said "ok". Everybody needs a break, right

Well, this morning when the doorbell rang and I greeted my friend at the door, she was holding what you see in the photo below. OMG! I have so been wanting one of these!! The last time I was in Long Beach with my friend, I saw a vintage dress form in a store for over $150 - too much for my pocketbook at the time. Well, this one isn't vintage, but my friend said she and her husband picked it up for a REALLY good price at - get THIS . . . a garage sale! Yep, a garage sale.

and check it out . . . there are *sleeves* that can snap on and off

I need to look at *her* for awhile before I decide how I'm going to dress her, or if I'll remove that silver thing and replace it with a head and then name *her*, and what I'm going to do with that wooden base. I'm thinking I'll sand it and shabby chic it up with some white paint. All I know is that I am one happy lady

My friend and I were talking about some upcoming events this month, so I opened up my calendar to follow along, and noticed that today was the Irvine Flea Market. My friend was happy to go, so we headed on over to Irvine.

This was the first time I had ever been to the Irvine Flea Market. And after we got there, I was asking myself why I hadn't been before! It's closer than any of the other flea markets, and wow, it was the biggest vintage flea market I have been to in my area! I'm going again next month (it's held the first Sunday every month), but I'm going to be there early.

and this is only part of one of the three parking lots that had vendors! Every now and then I saw some newer stuff thrown in, but every booth had vintage stuff!

I was good - I picked up some vintage cards, bottles and other ephemera. No serious purchases today. But I sure saw lots of things I would like to have.

Came back home and started back with the ticket bowls. The weather has been helpful. I've been able to glaze the bowls outside on the patio where they dry quickly.

It is almost 11pm. Yikes! Oh yeah, and if you are reading THIS post, but didn't read the one I wrote earlier titled "No Shame", please do so and vote for me on Tuesday, July 8th!! Thanks


mystele said...

i'm so happy for your large order...that rocks, sherry! and ho lucky are you...a vintage dress form???? what a sweet friend, too! take care!

mystele said...

i just re-read my's supposed to say "how" lucky you are. it pays to proof-read! sorry!

Deana said...

I am SOO jealous!! I have been wanting a dress form of anysort for a long time. OH OH Check out my latest flea market find!! I'll be posting it tonight!! HEEHEE

Mind Wide Open said...

Those bowls are way cool! And it always seems to me that California always has the best flea/antique markets and I'm a wee bit jelaous. :-)