Tickets. . .Tickets. . .Get Your Tickets!

I hope this isn't going to be another one of my crafting obsessions, but for the past couple of days I've been running around town after work searching for and buying rolls of tickets of different types and colors to make these ticket bowls!

I have coated the bowls inside and out with Judikin's Diamond Glaze. And although the bowls are not food or liquid safe, they sure will make a cute gift bowl to present someone with movie tickets, bags of popcorn, candy bars, etc. Or how about a unique candy dish on your desk? Or a bowl to hold craft stuff?

I've put a few out in my etsy shop to see how they are received before I make 100 more. Just kidding . . . maybe 25 more.

Let me know what YOU think of these.


Anonymous said...

too cute! Is this an original idea? Cute!


Enzie Shahmiri said...

What a very cute idea! These look neat.

Sherry G. said...

Sorry to say it's not an *original* idea. I saw the idea in a book titled *Altered!* The bowl in the book was made by Ginny Carter Smallenburg. She used Elmer's glue to put hers together. I tried that on my first one, and although it dried clear, it was *sticky*. And you know how much I just L-O-V-E Judikin's Diamond Glaze, so that's what I use :-)

shauna said...

These are terrific! I saw these made on tv one day a couple of years ago but tuned in late so didn't get the details. Do you form the bowl then paint it with the DG or what? Do you mind sharing a tutorial? I like how you're making so many different colors. I'm sure you'll sell a lot on your Etsy shop! Thanks!

wendyhumphreys said...

Hi Sherry! So nice to meet you today at Gilding the Lily. Great
glass today, I love the gift bag
you made! Very Cool.
I'll see you soon! Keep creating!