Just Another Day in the Life

Looks like whatever is going on with my e-mail account, it has something to do with Cox Communications and nothing to do with anything on my end. So, now they have sent a trouble ticket to their office in Atlanta, GA to try to save all of my e-mails that I haven't been able to receive for over a week, before having to resort to deleting everything and building me a new e-mail account. YIKES!

Soooo, until these e-mail issues have been resolved, if you need to contact me, please use slgoodloe@hotmail.com. And if by chance you have e-mailed me over the last 2 weeks and I haven't responded, if you wouldn't mind, please forward those e-mails to my hotmail address. I sure would appreciate it.

On another note, after the Cox techie left with no success in getting my e-mail to function, I went out and mailed some packages at the Post Office, stopped by a few garage sales, and then took myself to Denny's for breakfast. I am proud to announce that I ordered from the 55 and Older Menu for the first time. What a trip it was for me to say "I'll have coffee and the Sr. Scrambled Egg Breakfast please". Sometimes it's just hard for me to believe that I'm already 55 years old. Umph, umph, umph.

I should have compared the prices with the non-senior meals, because my meal STILL came to $8.39 before the tip. Everything is just so daggone high these days. Or does it just seem that way to me because I'm a senior citizen now and they/we always complain about the price of everything? If that's the case, then I've gotta LOL!

On still another note . . . What the heck is going on with my EYE?! I've got this huge bumpy thing on the sclera of my left eye. Look at this thing. Should I go to the doctor or WHAT? It doesn't really *hurt*, but it's irritating nonetheless.

Like I told Vallen awhile back, . . . GETTING OLD IS NOT FOR WHIMPS!


Vallen said...

It's a kicker, in't? I almost don't take senior discounts beciuse well, then I have to admit I'm a senior, dag gummit! Glad to have you back, youngun.

Sherry G. said...

In my mind I'm still a young whipper snapper! LOL

Renée James said...

Damn Gurl. That is messed up. I really understand how must feel. As Artist our hands and eyes are the most important thing to us.
You get better and I know your healing is already there. Big Hugs