Look What I Won!

Look at these lovely chocolates I won from Day Dream Studios today!
This is the second time I've won something this year. Huuummm, looks like I'm on a roll.


I AM VERY MARY said...

Oh yum, I LOVE THOSE! And Toblerone, love that too!

daydreamstudios said...

Hey, thanks for the plug...lol
Your chocolates are headed your way first thing tomorrow morning. I LOVE chocolate. I did find some extremely dark chocolate that I couldn't swallow. I'm more of the milk, sweet, smooth, melt in your mouth kind. And these are all that!

Anonymous said...

These are so good! Enjoy!

World Market Portraits

Sherry said...

Now I'm REALLY looking forward to receiving these chocolates!!

MB Shaw said...

Hi Sherry,
Thanks so much for posting a link to Art Pub, but how embarrassing that our moderator closed down the group before my contest ended, yikes! Anyhoo, I want to recognize everyone who took the time to comment and add a link. So, if you send me your snail mail address (privately of course) I will send you a little gift. And naturally I would be so thrilled if you wanted to change the link to that of my personal blog which will *not* be deleted anytime soon, tee, hee. http://mbshaw.blogspot.com/
I am currently caring for my father (who just had surgery) but will be back home next week and will mail your treat!
Thanks so much.
Mary Beth Shaw

Sherry said...

Hi Mary Beth! I've added you to my Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog list and have removed the Art Pub link. Thanks for the update.