Sunday Afternoon

Got up early this morning (nothing new about that!) and met Joan Whitmore at Paris to the Moon and Paris Underground - The Darker Side of the Moon stores.

Joan had never been to the stores before, and I was starting to worry if she would think it was worth the long drive from her home. Well, Joan beat me there, and I could tell by the expression on her face when I pulled up that it was worth the drive (oh goodie!)

Here are a few photos of items of interest I saw in the store today. I didn't purchase any of these, but I did pick up a pink glittered peacock, a couple of mini chicks, a bunny in a cracked egg shell and a parent sheet of vintage fable characters. My bill only came to a little over $20. And Joan? Well, let's just say she's doing quite well with her March birthday gifts to herself! (smiles)

We left Costa Mesa and headed to The ARTbar in Santa Ana for the last day of the "garage sale". Pretty much everything had been picked over since the sale started last Thursday. But in a way, I'm glad I couldn't make it there earlier because my bill would have been more than the $35.00 I spent there today.

Here is a photo of my best deal of the day from The ARTbar. Fifteen pale green, beveled glass pieces for 25 cents. Not 25 cents a piece, but for all fifteen! Ohhhhhhh, I really scored on these. I could have had more, but I was feeling kind-hearted today and let the other group go to another customer.


daydreamstudios said...

I just wanted to let you know you won the "Merci" chocolates at my blog party.
E-mail me at with your address.

P.S. "roadryg" This is the word verification. I looks like "road rage" to

Kim said...

man I KNOW who makes those nests and can't think of her name for the life of me lol - but shopping with you sounds like a great idea to me! What a deal you got on the glass too!

Sherry said...

Hi Kim - After looking around your blog, I know you would be fun to shop with!! :-)