An Epiphany!

Epiphany, pronounced e·piph·a·ny, a noun
Definition: A sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience. A moment of revelation and insight.

Used in a sentence: It came to Sherry in an epiphany that she should no longer try to teach watercolored coffee filter rose workshops!

Yep, it finally hit me yesterday when I learned that I only had 2 enrollees and a "not-so-sure-will-call-back" for my workshop that was scheduled in Carlsbad this morning.

I've been told by store owners that everyone that sees my roses thinks they are so lovely and can't believe they are made from coffee filters, papertowels, and/or book pages, but they just don't know what they would do with them.

Huuuummmmm, maybe make a bouquet to give to someone special? Or how about learn a new craft where you can finally use some of those little pots of Twinkling H2O's you bought 2 years ago that are just sitting around in a box in your studio somewhere?

Ok, I tried. So now I think I'll just sell my roses, have a give-away on my blog, send to special people in my life, oh yeah, I guess I should take some over to Stampington and Co. Jenny Doh e-mailed me back in November to say she thought they would be a good addition in the Somerset Life publication. I've been so busy pushing these workshops that I completely forgot. YIKES!


Susan Sager Brown said...

Hi Sherry, thanks for visiting my blog! Now let me list what I like about your blog:(go sit down this will take awhile)
1.your banner, love that piece of art
2. your gesso atc's . I love doing them, too! I have several in my slide show.
3. If I lived in Ca, I would definitely take your roses workshop. Don't people have centerpieces anymore? How gorgeous bunches of them would be on a foyer or dining room table.
4. Love the faux dichromic glass pieces, esp. the heart of course!
5. Your paper beads are awesome
6. Chenille stem ATC's are beautiful
7. I'm a sucker for glitter, and your glitter heart ATC's are so lovely
I could go on and on!
See you at arttechniques

Sherry said...

Ohhhhhhhh Susan, thank you so much for taking the time to write and putting a smile on my face this morning!

Keetha said...

Oh, I love the roses made from book pages! How neat!

Enzie Shahmiri said...

Sherry! I had an epiphany as well. Why don't I interview you as a guest artist on my blog? I am always looking for interesting tutorials and maybe if you talk about your beautiful roses people get interested in taking one of your workshops. Just a thought! So let me know what you think!

Dorene said...

I would love to learn how to make your roses, but I'm in Indiana. Would you consider selling the class notes?

Love your blog. I just found you and I'm glad I did.

Sherry said...

Hi Dorene - tried to contact you, but can't get there by clicking on your name :-( Please e-mail me regarding the class notes for the roses