Inspiration Emporium - The Store & Design Team

I know everyone has their favorite on-line shopping spot(s), but in case you haven't heard about Inspiration Emporium, I wanted to introduce you to this wonderful, family-run (owner, Jay), on-line store .  

Did you see me sporting my Tim Holtz "Live the Life You've Imagined" hoodie when I was in Las Vegas last November?  Well you can sport your OWN.  Yep, Inspiration Emporium sells these.
Want or need a Vagabond? Sure you do! Inspiration Emporium has them and they're ready to ship . . .
The store is just FILLED with things to help you get and stay creative!  Like Configuration boxes . . . 
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and Claudine Hellmuth Sticky Back Canvas and Alterables, Dies and Embossing products, storage and oooh the list goes on!
* * *
Wanna know how much I love Inspiration Emporium?  So much that when they asked me if I would like to join their new Design Team, I jumped at the opportunity!

You can meet the team on the Inspiration Emporium's blog - Inspiration Journal and link to each of their individual blogs:  

Michelle Fowler - D.T. Coordinator
Beate Johns
Kelly Booth
Kisa Peters
Linda Cain
Pam Hooten
Sherry Goodloe (that's me)
Tammy Tutterow


SusanK said...

Congrats! Just popped over and am very pleased to see so many talented women eager to share their talents with others. Can't wait to really dig in to everyone's art!

Tammy Tutterow said...

So thrilled to be on the team with you!

Pam said...

Hey Sherry, I'm so happy to on the team with you, I'm looking forward to some good times!

Kelly Booth said...

I'm excited to be on the team with you sherry and get to know you too....Hugs!

Charmingdesigns said...

Wow, I am so happy for you. Cant wait to see what you produce...have you gotten Tim Holtz little suitcase yet??

Stampmaiden said...

Congrats, Sherry! Your art ROCKS so I know fantastic things lay ahead.

Paper Bagley said...

How out landishly thrilling for you!! Your art work is incredible so you are going to have lots of fun arting out.
I will be watchin'...Tootsie

Vic said...

Good for you (and the team)! I love IE! Wish I had more money for goodies (who doesn't)!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you and IE...they are lucky to have you on their team.
Joy is a doll! Met her on the last cruise. Once I get my wish list in order, they'll be getting my CHA pre-orders! (Right after I successfully rob that bank, LOL!)

Helen said...

Wow, congragulations.
Just dropped over to say, there is something for you on my blog!

Ophelia said...

What an honor!!!! I will definitely stop by more often to see what you are up to. Enjoy the design team! Best wishes!!!

Marva said...

Oh I love your sweatshirt!!! Tim rocks! Can't wait to get some of his new realeases!