Turn Your Printers On!

Aaron Brothers is having a sale, and through August 19th they've got some good coupons that can be used as well.  HERE THEY ARE.

So why Aaron Brothers you ask?  Well, I have found that Aaron Brothers has the most comprehensive selection of Tim Holtz products at any of the chain stores around - at least in MY neck of the woods. 

All mixed media art stuff is on sale at 25% off - that includes Tim's products!

Yes, Michael's and JoAnn's carry a few of his products, but it's hit or miss.  AND, check THIS out.  I found these Idea-ology Word Keys at Aaron Brothers - a FRACTION of the cost they were at Michael's!

And (things that make you go hummmmm) I thought that Aaron Brothers was a wholly owned subsidiary of Michaels Stores, Inc. ?  

But whatever the reason for the difference in some of the prices of identical items are, I guess WE make out if we know about it right? :)

On another note . . . did I tell you that I have to have one of THESE?!
Well, check out the videos that Tim released on his Blog today!  September/October can't get here SOON enough!! *sigh*


Amber Noella said...

Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog (The Creative Daisy). Those things you listed, I have never even heard of! But hey, I am only 6 months new to crafting! I'll have to look into it sometime :)

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Oh I love Tim Holtz products. Thanks for posting this information. Hugs and have a great day!

Helen said...

I agree, the videos are fab! i thought I didn't need another die machine, only just got my big shot, but....!!

Sharon Sutton said...

Have you decided where you will order your Vagabond machine from ? I wonder if any stores will be selling them locally?

paperqueen said...

No Aaron Brothers in my neck of the woods :(
Oh, and that vagabond is waaaay at the top of my list....gotta gotta have it!

Minxy said...

Hay get in line missus.. i'm at the front of the que for the vagabond lol

Hels Sheridan said...

I told myself that I didn't need one of those Vagabond jobbies.. and then just sat and watched the YouTube vid.. arghhhh, I nEEEEd one now... and all the dies, texture fades... idea-ology, papers, stamps... fancy doing a bank job with me hun ROFLMAO xx