Saturday's Mega Garage Sale, The Movies and Rita Coolidge

Remember THIS?  Well I got up early Saturday morning (nothing new there!) and headed down the street to the garage sales.  I probably should have taken the bus, because there was no place to park and I had to walk about three blocks.  Not that I didn't NEED to walk those three blocks, mind you.
I am here to report back that the 32nd annual Sunwood Street Faire garage sale was bigger than ever.  Glad I didn't take a cart or anything, because I could hardly walk down the sidewalk or even in the street without bumping into someone.  I read this morning that there were thousands of people there yesterday and it was the biggest garage sale to date.
I didn't take many photos.  I was too busy looking for "stuff".  However, when I came upon this house selling these handmade birdhouses, I had to pull the camera out.  Just HAD to show you these!
Wanna see some of the items I was able to pick up at the sales?  Sure you do!    I was on the hunt for anything vintage.  These are the items I found.
a 1908 Daily Reminder filled with a woman's daily writings (in Etsy Shop)
cabinet card (I can never pass these up!)
a black and white photo of the original Orange-Crush company
2 tapestry blocks that were once part of a small purse
some sheet music
an Underwood tin that housed typewriter ribbon at one time, an empty vintage box of Dennison's label reinforcements and a vintage BC headache medicine tin
This is some sort of old grater 
see the grater thingie in the top?
a couple of Swift's Ice Cream labels/coasters
Rita Hayworth and Bing Crosby advertisements on the back of the ice cream labels/coasters
and this isn't vintage at all, but I thought it would be a 
cool piece to display, paint, rust up or something

And this is just the sort of thing that if you blink an eye out here in California, you'll MISS!  I almost did! . . .
This is Rita Coolidge. She is a Grammy-award winning artist that will be performing at Pittsford Park this evening at 5:30pm as part of our city's free Summer Concert Series.  And where is Pittsford Park you ask?  Next to the elementary school my son attended.  Yep, right in the neighborhood!  
For those of you too young to remember, Rita sang songs in the 70's and 80's like "One Fine Day", "Your Love Has Lifted me Higher" and "We're All Alone".   She is a very versatile artist in rock, pop, R&B, country, folk and more recently, jazz. 
Looks like I won't be going to the movies today after all.  This performance in my own backyard is just too special for me to pass on today!

And what are YOU doing this wonderful Sunday?!


Nancy Lynn said...

I love all of the items you found, especially the book. I am sure it is an interesting read. The sale looks absolutely wonderful and so much fun. Thanks for sharing your experiences and goodies.

Nancy Lynn said...

I forgot something.......have fun at the Rita concert. Such a great thing to do before going back to the day job.

Healing Woman said...

Such great finds and the birdhouses are wonderful. I love flea markets and garage sales. You will have so much fun with these items. I'll be watching for your creations.

Sue said...

I loved seeing all the very cool stuff you got.....and those birdhouses are amazing.

Off to catch up on your other posts now.


Peggy Alborn said...

Sounds like a great day! By the way, the grater is wonderful for peanuts - you can hold it upside down while grating the nuts on top of whatever you please!

Marianne said...

Really like the bird houses. I spent the day cleaning.
I think you had more fun.

Angie said...

Amazing bird houses but your vintage finds were pure gold ...especially the diary.

Lori said...

Wow, looks like you found some real treasures! That book is a tremendous find, as is the cabinet card. Great stuff! Hope you enjoyed Rita!

Stephanie said...

Oh yeah baby! Great finds and how was the Rita concert? I imagine it was awesome!

Hels Sheridan said...

ooooh ... what a fabby haul you got there hun... am incredibly green...the Underwood tin would be perfect for me... twas my maiden name! have a great day xx

Anonymous said...

Great pix...not a big birdhouse fan, but seeing them all together is really something. You found some wonderful things; I especially love the cabinet card and the grater thingie.
And Rita Coolidge! Tell us how the concert was. I sure do remember her. Once upon a time she was married to Kris Kristofferson.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Ohhh love the book, much that I bought it!! Looks like you had a great time.

Rita Cooledge was one of my brother's favorites..thanks for the reminder :-)

cigarboxbeads said...

you had fun, fun, fun!
i remember collecting those ice cream cup lids---my gram threw my collection away! ;>( with lots of my other stuff---they're probably out there in garage sales, right now!

such great goodies, especially the diary/journal.

congrats on teaching stamping again!

marilyn g

Sue said...

Wow, Rita Coolidge, there was one album of hers that I loved when I was 18, My Crew, Whiskey, Whiskey and more, How old do you think she is these days? Let us know how the concert is! Sue

Barbara Mason said...

Love that boot birdhouse, but the book you scored really is the tops...what a fun sunday!!! & Rita too??? WOW!

Charmingdesigns said...

Didn't plan on going, then we saw a sign for Lake Forest. Got off, couldn't find it, we didnt bring any info on how to get there. I'm glad you found some goodies. We did go to Whimsy and the flea market,it wasn't the best experience.

Linda said...

Looks like you had an awesome weekend!!!

You found some fabulous treasures! I believe your grater thing is a nut chopper!

Hope you had a grand time at the concert!

Linda Ledbetter said...

Great finds, Sherry, and how COOL that you got to see Rita Coolidge! I've loved her since... geez, since the Full Moon album with Kris Kristofferson! Gorgeous voice, and such a classy lady.