FIfty-Seven Years Ago Today in Chicago, Illinois

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On this day 57 years ago at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, I was born and immediately placed at The Cradle in Evanston, Illinois where I lived for a very short time . . .
The Cradle back in the 50's

I ran across a blog of someone that lives in Evanston, so I asked if she had ever heard of the place and if it was still in existence.  It IS!  And I hope that the babies that are there find their way to wonderful parents like I did back in 1953 :)
The Cradle today

This is how the rooms looked back when I was there . . .
After a short stint at The Cradle, I was adopted by Harold and Mary Owsley.  My new mother died (she had a heart condition) in early July 1955 and my dad took me to stay with my grandparents (his mom and dad) in Indianapolis, Indiana.  My dad worked for the Chicago Post Office and it was very difficult for him to care for me as he worked nights.  But every Friday night when he got off work, he would make the drive from Chicago to Indianapolis to stay for the weekend with me and then drive back to Chicago on Sunday night.
The Old Chicago Post Office

On one of those Friday nights, my dad fell asleep at the wheel and ended up in a ditch.  With only a scratched knee, daddy hitched a ride the rest of the way (you could probably do that back in 1955).  It was after that accident that he made the decision to move to Indianapolis.  

You couldn't transfer from one Post Office to another state's Post Office, so daddy had to start from square one doing what they called "throwing mail".  He worked his way back up the ranks, but never reached his goal of becoming Postmaster General.  But he would always tell me that being with me had been more important.

A few years later, daddy remarried (and as I have been known to say, "That's a whole 'nother Oprah show"!)  Daddy passed away April 8, 1974 and I moved to California in March of 1975.  He had always told me that if I wasn't planning on getting married and settling down to have a family right away after I finished school, that I should move as far away from Indianapolis as I could.
So just short of a year after his passing, I packed a suitcase and my Hoover vacuum cleaner and got on a Greyhound Bus to Southern California and that's the end of that story.
collage on canvas created by my friend Linda Bucci for me

So today on my 57th birthday, I would like to give thanks to my mommy and daddy for adopting me and my grandmother and grandfather for helping raise me.  I love you and miss all of you so much.  
me and Grandmother in Indianapolis going to Church
My Grandfather doing some yard work
(right to left) 
Daddy, Mommy, My Godmother and one of their friends partying together at home in Chicago.  
I think my Godfather must have been taking the picture

And thank you my blogger friends for stopping by today to help share my birthday!


Debby said...

Wishing you a Happy Birthday and a day full of all good things.

Dorthe said...

Oh Sherry,


And thanks for sharing your life story, I guess it has been difficult now and then, but I see you have been loved and that what`s matters, for all our life is`nt it dear?

So I wish you a very happy day,and hope you are celebrated?

Blessings to you ,and your new year, and a birthday kiss.


Colleen said...

What a wonderful, loving story! Happy Birthday to you and may you have amny more birthdays, memories and tonzzz of time for crafting!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sherry!!!

Lori said...

Oh yes, today's the day!!! What a lovely story, thanks for sharing it with us! And what a wonderful thing to have these photos!

Samantha Marshall said...

Happy Birthday Sherry! I love the photos and thankyou for sharing your story. said...

Happy birthday! What a story. Sounds like you picked the right dad!

(by the way, I am a Hoosier too)


Diane said...

A very happy birthday to you, Sherry! What marvelous pictures. Looks like a very happy childhood!
Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Diane

Nanc said...

What a great story Sherry. I hope you have a great day. Nancy

laurel said...

Love your story. Happy Birthday!

emptycage said...


You are so good to share your life with us!
Hard to express how much you and your
blog enrich my life. You deserve everything
good! Have the best birthday ever, so far!

Kitten said...

Happy HAPPY Birthday, Sherry! I loved reading your story...thanks for sharing it with us. I hope your day is marvelous & that the birthday celebration continues throughout the week. Clevetown, OH...not far from Indianapolis...we're in the middle of another snow enjoy that CA sunshine for me, ok?

Sandi M said...

Sherry, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a fascinating story you have. How cool that you are getting Tim's new inks for your BD - what a friend! OK, I'm off to check out your OWOH giveaway.

Peggy Alborn said...

Thanks for sharing your story, Sherry! I love getting to know people better, especially YOU! I bet you've had a great day!

Nancy said...

Thank you for sharing this with us, Sherry! What sweet memories you have of wonderful people.

I hope you're having a very blessed day!

Sarah said...

What a wonderful story you have to share. Happy Birthday!

Lovey said...

Loving that coffee table! Great posts of memories gone by...

Janny said...

Great post, happy birthday!!

Hanne said...

Happy Birthday Sherry!
Hugs from Hanne

Anonymous said...

I love your story. You may have had a rocky start, but look how great you turned out!
The family pictures are wonderful. Don't you just love how folks dressed up in the 50's?
One thing though....why the vacuum cleaner?

Stampmaiden said...

Oh Sherry, I was sitting at my desk during lunch (honest it was lunch HAHA) reading your story and I got a little teary-eyed. I'm just an old sentimental girl. Your dad gave you excellent advice when he told you to move on cause if it wasn't for him, our paths would have never crossed in this big ol' world of ours. Birthday greetings for the umpteenth time. LOL!! And spank spank spank spank......phew, spank spank....LOL!

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Sherry, what a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing. Didn't know about the Cradle House in Evanston, but it's neat to hear about your beginnings in my back yard here. Wishing you the best and brightest birthday ever...with many more to come:)

Charmingdesigns said...

Happy Birthday dear friend!! I love the photos and the story. We have made the decision to move back to the So. Calif. area this summer...We've been in Oregon for 15 years, its time to head to the sunshine!! I look forward to going to the Carson convention again!!

Kerin said...

Hello! I just happened over to see your blog before dropping off your free workshop pass from the giveaway you won at Altered Bits blog. I'm so glad I stopped by. This was so heartwarming to read and so interesting to see the pictures of that time and place. Such a great way to start the day!!! Thanks so much for sharing your story Sherry. I'm really looking forward to having you in the Mixed Media Art ning group!!!

Don Madden said...

Great story! But a vacuum cleaner...? Happy Belated Birthday!