The Craft Super Show This Past Friday and Saturday

What a fun weekend we had.  As you know, Lezlei flew in last Thursday night and Friday and Saturday we went to the Craft Super Show at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Friday we entered the show at 12:15 (15 minutes after they opened the doors) and stayed until they turned the lights out at 8:00pm.  

Saturday the show opened at 10:00am.  Lezlei and I had signed up to do a really cool make-and-take with Chris Cozen at the Design Originals booth that had sheets of zentangles to cut out and use on our canvas.  My friend Mary was working the booth.  Mary's the lady that invited me to her home last month to take that zentangle class.  Thanks Mary - I am now HOOKED! *smiles*

The show was a lot of fun and I ran into a lot of artsy-crafty friends both days.  

Saturday I ran into Kecia from Lemoncholy's Flight of Fancy.  We met each other the first time at Cindy Forrester's workshops out here in California.  Lovely lady - and she makes really cool jewelry!  Check out her blog when you get a chance.

Below, Cathie Filian from the television show Creative Juice was there signing her new book . . .

Kathy Cano-Murillo - The Crafty Chica had a booth at the show . . .

Lezlei and I took some funny photos of each other at her booth . . .

And I met this really cool lady, Loralie from Loralie Art Stamps.  Just LOVED her stamp line!  Check out her website to view sample cards, layouts and other fun paper and fabric projects using her stamps.   Me?  Wait until you see what I'm doing with them *smiles*

And I PROMISE . . . if someone gets me this machine for my birthday, I WILL start sewing more!  LOL

There was a make-n-take at the Janome booth and I got to make something called a postcard using the flip 'n stitch method of sewing.  Like you do when making a crazy quilt.  The machine was quiet, threaded itself, rewinds the bobbin while you continue to sew, cuts your threads with a touch of a button.  Oh yeah . . . this is the Rolls Royce of sewing machines - at least in MY book it is!  It does embroidery work as well.  But I guess for $8,000 it should probably prepare dinner, clean the bathrooms and dust TOO!  

There's more to this story, but you'll need to hear it from Lezlei.  She got the biggest kick out of me and this sewing machine.

And look at this collaged mannequin I spotted as I was walking around Saturday . . .

Then there was the CelluClay booth.  They had the coolest items made from their instant papier mache product.  Check these out and click on them to make the photos larger so you can see the detail! . . .

I got a nice size free sample of the product with instructions.  Not sure when or what I'll make, but it sure looks fun to use!

There was silk-screening without a silk-screen machine . . . cupcakes by Cricut . . .tie-dye . . . card-making . . .Lisa Pavelka and her Magic Glos (yes, that's the way it is spelled. . . free titanium scissors from Westcott . . . Lutradur make-n-take . . . rubberstamping . . . crocheting. . .fabric . . . paper . . . Pazzles . . . books . . . oh the list goes on and on and on!

After the show on Saturday, we met up with some of the All Things Tim Yahoo Group members at Tu Tu Tango Restaurant at The Block in Orange.  You may recognize some/all of these lovely folks *smiles* . . .

And SPEAKING of Tim Holtz, Oh my goodness! . . . have you seen THIS!? 
I am so glad that I waited until now to get a diecut machine, because THIS ONE?  Oh yeah, this is DEFINITELY for me!  The machine will not be released for purchase until July, but that gives me plenty of time to start purchasing the diecuts.  Be still my heart!

Ok, so this year I didn't go to the CHA Trade Show.  For some reason, I was thinking that this Craft Super Show would have a Tim Holtz booth.  But no, he is only doing the Trade Show - today through Tuesday if I recall correctly.

I had a great time at this new Craft Super Show - opened to the public, but next year?  - it's back to doing the Trade Show.

Lezlei is now on a plane flying back to Texas.  And as always, I enjoyed her visit here.


kecia said...

hi sherry! I was fun running into you as well. I'm at the trade show and I agree, it was worth seeing tim's stuff!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwwww.....all those faces, so familiar from the cruise....wish I coulda been there. Hi Nancy, Hi Pam, Hi Kathy! Hi everyone else whose names I don't remember/know.
Yep, that machine is to die for...pardon the horrible pun!
Leave it to Tim to combine form and function so artfully.

Sarah said...

What fun you and Lezlei must have had. I am so jealous!

Lori said...

Wowza, you were all over the place! Looks like so much fun!!

Robin said...

It was so nice seeing Lezlei and you at the CHA SuperShow on Friday:) Sandy and I had a blast!!!

Sue said...

What a fun time you had! So many things to see - gosh I would have needed to rob a bank first.

That is SOME sewing machine! Whoooa!

Thanks for sharing your experience and the pics with us!


Samantha Marshall said...

Looks like you had such a wonderfultime!!!There were some very cool products- the sewing machine looks pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Wow you had a wonderful time didn't you!! There's always so much eye candy at these shows I end up dizzy, lol!
Thanks so much for sharing all the fun with us!
PS. Oh and I finally added my email back onto my profile. ;-)

Household 6 said...

Wow!!! It looks like greatness overload of creativity and inspiration! What a fun event to attend :)

Deborah said...
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Deborah said...

Oh my, you are definitely an enabler. I just added the sewing machine to my when-I-win-the-lottery list and am off to visit Tim Holtz. Terrible terrible Sherry making me wish I had gone to that show. For some reason we never have these wonderful kinds of shows in Florida though ...

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