Helen Folasade Adu

Sade - Pronounced with just the SLIGHTEST hint of the 'r': Sha(r)-day

I've been a fan of Sade's since 1985.  Smooth Operator, Never as Good as the First Time, The Sweetest Taboo, Is it a Crime, Stronger Than Pride, and the list goes on!   

It's been 10 years since we've heard anything from Sade!  You can go HERE to listen to the title track Soldier of Love off her new album that will be released February 8th (the day before my birthday - hint hint!) 


jacque4u2c said...

ooohhhh......I am on my way to check it out.

Household 6 said...

I love the image on her new album! Now that you've hinted, you'll probably get 23 copies of it, hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I was a big fan too and wondered what happened to her.
Off to check it out.

Lori said...

Oh, another 80's fan. I love Smooth Operator. Coast to coast, LA to Chicago....can't remember the rest....what I remembered is probably wrong too, LOL. Very good voice.

Kristin said...

Hi Sherry! Just catching up - love your holiday shopping pictures - I hope you are well and wanted to thank you for the inspiration(s)! Kristin :) PS sorry about the "baby": sure was cute!!

That Girl Ang said...

Hey lady... Thanks!

Gotta love the Sade... I already pre-ordered the album from Amazon....hahhahaa

I'm SURE I will purchase it on iTunes before I get it from Amazon...hahahahhaa

siqueira said...

Otima noticia para os amantes de Sade.
Musica linda,amei.
lindo o seu blog.




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