What Do YOU Use?

Before I get into the REAL reason for this post, I just wanted to say that I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but it will be here and gone before you know it!  Soooo, I have changed my blog header (once again) to help me get motivated and inspired to start creating for Christmas!  Because you KNOW Christmas is only 35 days from now!

When I was at the RSC in Carson on the 14th, I stopped by the JudiKins booth where they were demonstrating this fairly new product called Gel Du Soleil.  You can go HERE to see it being used.

This JudiKins product is different from Diamond Glaze and DG3.  Gel Du Soleil is a resin that will cure in direct sunlight or under an ultra violet light.  You know, like the machine that you put your hands under when you get your nails done?  The lady doing the demo said that it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to cure, depending on how thick the layers are.  And after the 10 to 15 minutes, the gel will continue to harden.

What's (supposed to be) nice about this product, is that it can be layered with no lack in clarity.  And since it is "glass clear", it can also be used to repair cracks and chips in glass.

I haven't used this product yet, so I can only tell you what I learned about it at the show.

Another product that JudiKins was demonstrating at the show was called Fluxe Enameling Resin.  The demonstrator at the booth said that you get the effects of a high-gloss resin using this powder.  You melt the powder in your project in a toaster oven at 250 degrees for just a few minutes.

Now if you know me already, you know that one of my all-time favorite products is Diamond Glaze.  It's a glaze and a glue that can be used right over your artwork for a raised shiny finish.  You can also mix dye-based inks in Diamond Glaze and create your own colored glass paint too!  Diamond Glaze can be used on plastic, paper, wood and even metal.  I like it as a coating on glass to adhere glitter too.

Then there's DG3.  It's a clear gel that also dries to a glossy finish.  You can layer DG3 to create added depth.  The product is water soluable so it makes for easy clean up.  The product is permanent when dry.

This next product wasn't at the show, but I've heard a couple of people talking about it lately.  It's a product called Ice Resin.  This is a jeweler's grade 2-part product that was developed by Susan Lenart Kazmer.  The product (what I've read) stays transparent without breaking down or yellowing.  You can use the product in jewelry pendants, silicone molds and I read that you can even use it on paper!

What do YOU use?


Anonymous said...

Diamond Glaze, Glossy Accents, Crystal Effects....whatever my hand grabs....I have them all!

Nancy said...

I, too, use Diamond Glaze & Glossy Accents. I've got some other similar product here from a local store I rarely use 'cause it takes too long to cure. Yep, impatient me... lol

Anonymous said...

How extraordinary, I was just reading a review on resins and the various types. You've done a wonderful job of comparing them as well, thank you!

I love your banner it's darling and always wonderful to be inspired!

Oh, I also wanted to thank you so the tip on the type of show you went to and how to find them in my area, thanks so much!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ ♥Sharon

Robin said...

Love your new header Sherry! I use Diamond Glaze and love it!! I haven't tried any of the other products you listed. Have a great weekend!

lisa said...

I used gel du soleil, took a class from judikins at summer CHA - it's pretty amazing! I made a pendant, looking forward to making more!

Linda Mitcheltree said...

LOVE, love and love your blog header!! All of them are just great! Do you use digital art to create them and I assume that cute little girl is you?

Anonymous said...

i've done Ice Resin in one of her classes, made paper from a dictionary book look really good but watch out for reverse side images coming through,nexttime I'd make a copy and use that.
don from austin but not there right now