My New Friend

I have a new friend.  My new friend's name is Eileen, and she has a blog over at Art Saves Lives.

Eileen and I met on-line just before "The Cruise" and then ultimately, if only too briefly, on the cruise.  Since returning though, I have become a follower of her blog (and vice versa), so now we can keep in touch and see what we're both "up to".  Don't you just love the internet? *smiles*

On Monday morning, Eileen presented me with the above "Best Blog Award".  Now wasn't that sweet?  Thank you so much Eileen!


Samantha Marshall said...

Congratulations!! Yes, the Internet is fantastic for making far off friends!!

Nancy said...

Your blog certainly deserves Eileen's award - as hers did. You both are so inspiring to us who follow you!

TiffanyJane said...

Congrats Miss Sherry on your lovely award! :) It's always nice to meet a new friend!
Hope your feeling better, thinking of you~
xo Tiff

Household 6 said...

The internet IS awesome! And you are totally worthy of the award :) And that "follow" button is the beezneez!

I've somehow misplaced my creativity this week. Gulp. Not sure where it's hiding but I better find it soon before I go insane.