UPDATE - Hand-Sculpted Birds by Lezlei are Ready to Fly!

If you are reading this post and were on "THE Cruise" last month, then keep your eyes glued RIGHT HERE!  Remember the Flight of Creativity project with Tim?

The holidays are coming and if you have been wanting to get started on making some additional shadowbox gifts for friends and family, but are in need of some birds?  Well look no further!

I am writing this blog post at 7:00am before I head out to "the day job" and the birdies have not been listed yet, but I wanted you to have first dibs on these.  So, a little later today   The birds are ready!! . . . check HERE
I received some in the mail TODAY (see photo above)!

Lezlei (sil/bff/cruise cabin-mate) was gently nudged by "you-know-who" into making these birdies and offering them for sale in her etsy shop.  Now most of you don't know Lezlei like I know Lezlei, so I'm telling you now . . . once you see the listing for these birds? GRAB THEM!  I cannot guarantee how long I can keep Lezlei motivated to continue making them.  Right now?  Yes, I'm doing a great job, but . . .well, let me just say this - Lezlei still hasn't unpacked from the cruise!  Does that give you an indication of how hard it is for me to motivate her from California to Texas?  LOL  (P.S. . . . I don't think Lezlei was laughing when she read this part)

Here's a description of the birds . . . Each hand-sculpted bird is approximately 1.25" W, 3.50" L, x 2.50" H and is made of a ceramic-like sculpturing compound that is shatter and chip resistant with a foil armature. The bird’s feet are made of wire.  Bird may be collaged, sanded, drilled, carved, stained, or painted with acrylics and included in your assemblage, altered, or mixed-media project.  Because each bird is hand-sculpted and not made from a mold, your bird may look slightly different and dimensions will vary slightly from the photos shown. 

You've been notified, so if you don't get in on this etsy listing, it's not because I didn't tell you! 


Ange said...

I'm flying off to see the birds! You are an absolute hoot to read you know! The hot toddy grog must have worked wonders on you! ;-) A

Nancy said...

Lezlei's made birds?!?!? Oh, I'll have to get some tonight (am at work ... darn it anyway!) - so, Lezlei, keep creating, please!

Household 6 said...

Lol! You are such a good sales person! How are you feeling? Over the crud yet?

That Girl Ang said...

Very cute Sherry! Love birdies and trees.

I honored you with the SPLASH Award. I know.. lots of work to go with it.. but I really read your blog and wanted others to know!


Lynn said...

Thanks for the hot tip!
Love your work!
Now HOW did I miss this wonderful cruise!?

Utah Grammie said...

I love birds! And these are quite lovable..nice job sil,brr,cruise-cabin-mate-of yours!