Glitterfest Fall and My Friend Linda Bucci

My good friend Linda Bucci is one of the participating artists in the upcoming Glitterfest Fall show sponsored by Whimzy (Hi Sheryl!) taking place on Saturday, October 10th. Linda and I had planned on doing this event together, but I just couldn't see how I could with leaving on the cruise the next day. I am hoping that I can be a participant at the NEXT Glitterfest though.

The last time I visited with Linda, I got to see some of the items she had finished and some that she was still working on for the show, and oooooooohhhh, you're going to LOVE what she's bringing!

So if you're in town Saturday, October 10th and want to see some fabulous art from some fabulous artists, you have GOT to go to Glitterfest! The first one was fabulous!

And when you stop by Linda's table, please show her some love and tell her I sent you *smiles*.

The event starts at 10:00 a.m. and will end at 3:00 p.m. It will be held at The Elk's Lodge at 212 S. Elk Lane in Santa Ana, CA 92701. Admission is $7

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Rita said...

On a cruise? you deserve it. Could you give me a site where I can see Linda's art? I will not be able to be at Glitterfest again, the Barn Sale is the same day:{