I've Got Mail!

I can't remember the last time I checked my mail box. It's been so hot out, that when I get home from work, I'm in for the night. Plus, I wasn't expecting anything - other than the bills and junk mail. HA! Well, I'm glad I stopped by the mail box on Monday! Look at the R.A.K.'s I received . . . Vallen Queen sent me a handmade tea cozy that she made and one of her GORGEOUS quilted and embellished cuffs. See the flower print vintage wallpaper above? That's what everything was wrapped up in. I carefully removed the tape and folded the paper and tucked it away in a drawer to use at a later date.

This is the cuff. Vallen uses old quilts as a base and hand sews on each and every one of those beads and baubles you see . . .
This is the tea cozy . . .
and the inside lining . . .
Vallen definitely has skills when it comes to sewing! Thank you sooooo much for the wonderful rak's Vallen!
Also in the mail today was this card with a handwritten note inside from Debbie Metti in Parma, Ohio - a not so willing transplant from Southern California I might add.

The atc she made is especially for moi :) Debbie recently purchased some leaf ribbon trim from my etsy shop. I had included some extra ribbons in a bag that I lined with some really really old paper. Debbie used the paper to create a background for this atc. Isn't it pretty and all vintageeee? Thank you sweet Debbie!!

Also in the mail was a card from my friend Mary Ann. The note is personal, so I won't be sharing it here. I just wanted to tell you that Mary Ann is a young woman that is keeping the art of handwriting and sending correspondence via the snail mail route alive and well!

Thank you for your unwavering friendship Mary Ann. cyber xoxo's

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