Update on Etsy versus ArtFire

In my post HERE, I asked for your opinions, thoughts, etc. on Etsy versus ArtFire. After reading your comments (and by the way, thank you very much!), I have decided (at least right now) to give it another month and then go with the free 10-item-listing plan if things haven't started selling.

Celia over at Paco and Lupe left a comment and then e-mailed me as well, to tell me not to be discouraged. Here's a site she pointed me to as well http://www.foundhandmade.com/fhmain/statistics. This site gives frequent updates on all of the marketplaces that are out on the web. And yes, Etsy is #1, but Artfire is within the top 10.

And on another note, you might want to check out Paco and Lupe's etsy shop. They have the most gorgeous bags and pillows!

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Peggy Alborn said...

Thanks for always sharing your information and links! Paco and Lupe's bags are gorgeous!