Saturday Neighborhood Garage Sale

A friend of mine is participating in a neighborhood garage sale in Tustin tomorrow morning. Oooooooo I just LOVE a good neighborhood sale!

My friend will be selling collectibles, ephemera, lots of vintage postcards, buttons (I'll be looking out for some interesting buttons for you Mary Ann!) and vintage dolls. She also has a vintage furniture organizer that has lots of tiny drawers that she says would be good for beads, that has some larger drawers at the bottom. She got this from a lot of several pieces of small furniture at an auction, but she only wanted a small table and a sewing box from the lot, but this came with it. She's selling it for $20.

I'm going to have to leave home really early in the morning, so I can stop at the atm and get my garage sale money and a large cup of java!

If you are close enough to come by, start on Caper Tree Drive in Tustin. The zip code is 92780. Can't WAIT to share my garage sale finds with you *smiles*.


Sue said...

And, I can't wait to see your fabulous finds. This sounds like my kind of garage sale! Our weather is just starting to get into garage sale mode and we only have one in town tomorrow (and yes I am going, but it looks like it is mostly kids stuff :(

Have fun!

Lezlei Ann Young said...

I wish I was there yo go with you...the furniture organizer spounds like ity should be mine. box arrived today...I can catch up on my blog posts!

Pretty Things said...

My problem is I'm a night owl who doesn't think the morning starts until 10:30 -- and that's pushing it. So I miss all the sales!