A Little Fabric, Batting, Needle & Thread

As you may have read in my earlier post on Tuesday, I'm back at "the day job". I always like to carry some art supplies with me for times when I need to take a break.

Yesterday was no exception. I grabbed some fabric, a little batting, some thread, a needle, my scissors, and a couple of pieces of tea-dyed muslin I had rubberstamped a couple of my favorite stamps on, and headed out the door to work.

I know I will continue to embellish these pieces, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them at this point. I may have to put them to the side and just wait until something "hits me".

Question: Do you sometimes set projects you've started aside until the "ah HA!" moment hits you as well?

Thanks again to Creative Every Day 2009 to keep me focused on creating a little something each day!


mystele said...

oh my goodness- these are gonna be so cool! i can't wait to see what your aha will be!

Michelle said...

can't wait to see these!
I'm always putting things aside or "sleeping" on it! sometimes I forget about them entirely!

Contessa Kris said...

Oh, I love the idea of stamping on fabric and then embellishing! I have some fav stamps I could do this to.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Unfortunately we haven't left for our trip yet. We fly out in the morning. I wish I could be just like Sam in Bewitched and *blink* my way to Florida. lol

Heather Robinson said...

Oh, I'm so impressed that you carry art supplies to work! What a marvelous idea to weave it into your day. Must try that...I usually spend my time blogging (like I am now!). These fabric pieces are beautiful. I can just picture you working on them.

Just-Kim said...

Sherry, I do this all the time! Sometimes I have a great idea and then it ends up at the bottom of a pile and then months later, it ends up either 1. being the wrong time to work with it 2. I've done it again already because I couldn't find this one or 3. Perfect for what I need!

Push it aside, it's time will come!

Good Luck!

Judy said...

I have those set aside days and then when I find that project again, I think well why don't I do this with it?? I have even found a project recently that was nearly finished. I put the last touches on it and I think I will submit it.

i am very mary said...

I'm thinking that it's time to add some fabric stiffener to these and turn them into brooches.