Still ANOTHER Die Cutting Machine ?

Just heard about this new portable die cutting machine called The Slice by Making Memories. Can't find out how much it costs, but I did find a place locally that carries it. Timeless Treasures in Rancho Santa Margarita is listed as one of the VIP stores that has this new little goodie.

I guess unless you live in California, Arizona, Florida or Hawaii, and you want one of these by Christmas, you will have to pick it up on-line. I saw 10 on-line stores listed that carry The Slice.

I couldn't get enough information from the website or even the videos they have, so I'll go check it out at Timeless Treasures while I'm off work after Christmas.

  • Need to know if it cuts heavy cardstock, chipboard, Grungeboard.
  • Need to know if other diecuts from other companies can be used with it.
  • Need to know if it only cuts things the size of the actual machine. *If that's the case, then it's not for me*
  • Need to know how much the little booger costs!
Have any of YOU heard about this new diecut machine? Anybody have one already? What's it all about?


Robin said...

I don't think diecuts from other machines are interchangable with the Slice. The machine cuts only textured cardstock, vellum, vinyl, acetate and photos up to .5 mm thick. It only cuts 4x4" max. The machine retails for $150.00 and the cartridge for $40.00. I have not used the Slice machine. I have watched the cool demo on YouTube.

Sherry Goodloe said...

Ok, Robin has answered all of the questions I had. Thank you Robin! I don't need to go check it out now. I can stay home and continue to organize anda reorganize the tools and supplies I already have. That's much less expensive as well *smiles*

Sherry Goodloe said...
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Amy Wing said...

No, you can't use other carts or dies with the Slice - it has it's own little cards it uses.

The footprint is only as big as the machine, so no super-big die cuts.

It costs somewhere in the $100 range, I think.

Don't know about chip and grunge, but it will cut cardstock for sure.

The benefit of this tool is that it's compact enough to carry around to crops and workshops, and it cuts exactly where you place it.

I use a Cricut Expression and love it. I also have a third-party software program called Sure Cuts A Lot that I use to cut ANY true type font (ttf) - including dingbats, of which there are bajillions out there (my fav source: dafont dot com).

If you want to see a good presentation of how it works, go to YouTube and type in Slice Making Memories... there are several demos there, including some from the manufacturer.