And the winner IS . . .


TiffanyJane said...
Ooooo Sherry, LOVE the banner, it's looks FabUlous!!! {If I might say ;)Fantastic atc's!!! Gorgeous women, love the bathing beauties too {just love those old photos like that} :) Always love birds {I could put them in every single piece of artowrk I do!!}Let's see, a single word for you:***Blessed***Wishing you many blessings for 2009 :)xo Tiff

For those of you that frequent my blog, you probably have noticed that I change my blog banner out from time to time. Well, Tiffany Jane has created four of the banners you have seen since the fall of 2008.

The first banner that Tiffany - Beyond the Vintage Path, created for me was this Autumn banner

Then came Halloween . . .

And California Christmas . . .

And I just love this new one that I'm "sporting" on my blog right now (see banner at top) that she created, using photos and bits and pieces of things I've created. In the upper left hand corner is a collaged bird shadow box I made (and SOLD in my etsy shop - thank you Kat!). The sepia tone photos you see in the background are some of my clipart and vintage tintypes.

There's some bling bling for jewelry-making in the divided box. The dress form that I received as a garage sale find gift from a friend that I refurbished (if you missed "the process", go here!).

On the dress form (which by the way was named Bella Rustique in a blog contest I held) are some necklaces I created, some vintage pearls and one of my coffee filter roses.

Then there's that photo of the woman and little girl. That's my late Grandmother and me, all dressed up and on our way to church. The photo was taken in my Grandmother's backyard in Indianapolis, Indiana "way back when".

So that's the story behind the latest blog banner created by Tiffany Jane :) Isn't she just the best?!

You can check out more of Tiffany's work at the following places on-line:

Congratulations Tiffany! Send me your snail mail address and I will get your prizes off to you this week.

And thanks to everyone for participating in my little ATC Give-Away. Stay tuned, there's another Give-Away in the making :)


Altered Route said...

Wishing you a very Healthy, Happy and Artful New Year!

TiffanyJane said...

Wooooooo~Hoooooooo!!!!!!!! :)
O Happy Day!! O Happy Daaaaay!!
Sooooo exciting Sherry! Woweee, so sweet to mention my works and links too :) You are a Doll! Thank you sooo very much, I am tickled and you've made my day!!

Listening to your Earth, Wind & Fire....Love those Four Tops too {brings back memories of my aunt and I roller skating on the old cracked side walks at my grandmothers when I was about 10 :) Gosh, where does the time go~ *sigh*
Will send you my address in a sec...
Thanks again!!! Sending many hugs and New Year Wishes your way!
xo Tiff

i am very mary said...

Hooray to T-J! I have a fondness for women with two names. hee hee!

Did I mention that I received TWO new dress forms for Christmas? They're from a store that was going out of business - $50 for both! WOOHOO!

TiffanyJane said...

I was going to post my comment here too.....Thanks so much again!!

Oh my Goodness Sherry.....I got my goodie package from you in the mail today!!!!! So BeaUtifully wrapped, I LOVE the birds you tucked in the beautiful dyed ribbon! I LOVE the atc's, they are even more beautiful in person! LOVE, Love the bird tag {it's like you knew exactly what I Love!!!!!.....your Gooooooooood!}. And the extra cut/pretty decorated background ready~to~go atc's.....are simply the Best! Ahhhhh, what a sweet treat after a long day out of town :)
All **Smiles** here :)
Thank YOU!!!!!
xo Tiff