Upcoming Events - Around and About Town

This Saturday, November 1st, 10am-4pm, the Mercantile Flea Market will be featuring Day of the Dead items. There will be close-outs and great deals, antiques, vintage, surplus and artists. There's free admission for HAPPY PEOPLE. The address is 115 South Harbor Boulevard in Fullerton in the back parking lot of Carpe Diem Experience.

Also on November 1st and 2nd, Kelly Kilmer will be at Artful Living in Ojai conducting workshops - Extremely Unique ATCs and Altered Photos Revisited. Visit Kelly's blog at Kelly Kilmer's Mixed Media Art Classes for further details.

Then on Sunday, November 2nd is "The Groves" Antique Market at Irvine Valley College. If you have never been, exit the 5 or 405 freeway at Jeffrey Road. The hours are 7am-3pm.

My friend Janice Golden is a vendor at this antique flea market. If you stop by her space, tell her I sent you! Below are a couple of photos of her booth that I took when I was there October 5th.

On Tuesday, November 4th through Monday, November 10th, another friend of mine (Miss Vicky, Owner of Cut-it-Up) is hosting "No Frill Fall Workshops". I will not be able to attend this event (darn it!), but I wanted to spread the word for those of you who may be able to make it. Here's what it's all about:

Classes start at 9am and end at 9pm. Each class is $10 plus supplies.
The daily workshops will be held at The Funny Pharm, 30 North Main Street in Colfax, CA and at 32770 Main Street, in Dutch Flat, CA. The Dutch Flat Hotel is next door to the workshops. Call Miss Vicky directly to book the rooms.

Over the 7 days, Miss Vicky will be conducting so many classes that it would take up this entire blog post! So here's the abbreviated version of what is being offered:

hand printing press class, 5 Minute Collage, soldering, Glimmer Mists & Stencils, Altered Silverware, Image Transfer using Golden digital grounds, Image Transfer Cloth Book, Chart Your Path on wood class, Game Board, Convex Glass House, Button Bracelet, Resin Jewelry, Frozen Charlotte Jewelry, Crochet Cupcakes, Wire Working using rebar, Initial Photo Necklace or Magnet, and Crown Making! PHEW, that is quite some list of classes!!

For additional information and for hotel reservations, please contact Miss Vicky at (530) 389 2233 or email her at vicky@cut-it-up.com . You can also visit her website at Cut-it-Up

This is Miss Vicky in the red and her DH back there in the blue shirt helping a customer.

Then there's Saturday, November 8th and Sunday, November 9th - The Original Rubberstamp Convention in Carson, CA. Without a doubt I will be there on Saturday until closing! Let me know if you're coming so we can meet up!

And if you are wondering where I'll be spending most of my time at the convention, here are a few photos from the last convention that will give you a big hint *smiles*:

PS This is one of the things I love about California. There is always so much to choose from to do. And the weather's not bad either.

My cousin e-mailed me from Indianapolis yesterday and told me that it snowed in the morning! It was in the 90's yesterday, here in Lake Forest, CA


NJTomboy said...

"My cousin e-mailed me from Indianapolis yesterday and told me that it snowed in the morning! It was in the 90's yesterday, here in Lake Forest, CA"

I hate you... well not really but you get the message....

It cold & raining in Jersey... talks of wet snow.... WTF? WET SNOW!!! It's not even Christmas yet! ....and you have 90 degree weather! UGH!

You can erase this post now... I'll understand!

dede warren said...

and one more...

Heather Bullard's Parisian Soiree is on Sunday. Also I'm teaching An Artful Journal on Saturday at Gilding the Lily. There's never a dull moment! I'm off now to pick up Natasha Burns just in from Australia!


kecia said...

sherry, i'm jealous - because you are right, there is always something happening in
California, unlike here in NJ where i swear, i'm the only one who does the type of art we do. it's lonely over here!
did you guys get your piece resined? i did mine and it is great!