Scrabble Tile Charms, Halloween Swap, and Blogs

Remember my last blog give-away? , below is a photo of the winner (Renee James) wearing some of the Halloween-themed scrabble tile charms I made. I love how she lined them up on a choker necklace. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here are the charms I received from the Halloween Charm Swap that Michelle Cummings from Faerie Dust Dreams hosted:

This is a pin that Michelle Cummings made as an *extra* surprise

Michelle Betaudier made this coffin and charm. The eyes and teeth glow in the dark!

These are the other charms and goodies I received from Melissa Merrill, Valerie Myers, Tracy Laine, Susan Carroll, Pam Hoffman, Diana Pohl, Michelle Cummings, and Mahala


If you're wondering where my list of blogs that I frequent have gone, just click on the "View My Complete Profile" under my photo to the right.

I'm using the new blogger feature called Blogs I Follow. So far I like the new feature, and it doesn't take up room on the front page of my blog anymore.

AND, it looks like I can have an endless list! At least so far. If you are using blogger, you will see that I am listed on your Dashboard as someone that is *following you*.

And if you're following ME, you'll see yourself under *Follow This Blog* here on my blog in the right-hand column. So that's where my blog list went.


mystele said...

cool charms!!!

Leona Raisin said...

Scrabble is good, but don't say no to anagrams. And do not say nay per nuns.

i am very mary said...

loving you. promise.

dede warren said...

I love the scrabble charms you sent the blog winner Sherry. Those are great!!!

kecia said...

i love your halloween charms blog giveaway - what a nice prize (i noticed you put bales on all the pieces, really nice!) i agree, it's nice how she made them into a choker. i wanted to ask you, how do i make a signature like you have? i love that.

Anonymous said...

I so need to bail out on Wordpress, but I love it...I wanna condense the blog, too! Gina