That's for the Birds!

In big cities like New York, when horse-drawn wagons were in fashion, horse manure littered the streets. A large population of sparrows ate it, or the undigested oats in it. So when someone says that something is "for the birds", they are saying it is like horse manure.

Well, I'm here to tell you that this is no horse manure! The bird listings in my etsy shop have all been marked down, and shipping is included.

Yellow chickadees with orange heads . . . wrens . . . flying feathered black crows . . . orange and white fancy tailed birds . . . yellow fancy feathered birds . . . light blue fancy feather-tailed birds . . . greenish blue fancy feathered birds . . . feathered fat Blue Jay birdies with white spots.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush . . . This usually means that it's better to have a small actual advantage than the chance of a greater one. What it means here, is that you need to grab as many birds in your hands and go make something with them. If they're in a bush somewhere, what the heck can you do with them there?!


Michelle said...

what cute birdies! hope you have luck selling them! we should get together again for coffee! Maybe make it a morning "play date" while Dyllan is in school! Let me know is a good day M-W- or F.


Anonymous said...

Ypou always have the sweetest things for sale! HOW can you part with them!? PS...Rock Creek Park reminds me of my first Greek Picknic in Philly...the year after I joined a sorority! There was a dance called the muscle that we used to do to it! WHAT a memory!