Garage Sales Yesterday

Dusty Decorative Bird House

Janice Golden e-mailed me last Wednesday to tell me about the Santa Ana yard sale weekend Saturday and Sunday. Janice went on to tell me that they can only have yard sales in Santa Ana 4 times a year. So on the first Saturday and Sunday in September, December, March, and June it's like a yard sale on every block.

Well, being one that can hardly turn down an event such as THAT, I was up at the crack of dawn (so what else is new?) heading out the door at 6:15am. Janice had told me that the sales were not supposed to start until 8:00am, but I figured I'd better get over to the area, map out a plan, and find a good parking spot.

I'm glad I did. People started selling earlier than 8:00! Look at some of the goodies I picked up . . .

LOVE that empty vintage frame embossed with chipped roses and looking all shabby chic! I'm going to remove those geese and re-paint that frame on the right. And that's a necklace I picked up that I thought would be cool to take apart and use pieces of in the making of a new necklace.

Check out my $1.00 English china tea cup and saucer with tiny roses and scalloped edge . . .

And get THIS story! I was the only person at this man's yard sale, so we started a conversation about his collections. I was looking at some of his really old book classics and asking what he wanted for some of them. He said $5 each, I said thank you and moved on.

He walked over to the box of books and commenced to telling me that they were vintage and all that other blah blah blah. When he picked up one of the books to show me, THESE fell out!

Yep, those are tintypes. Nice, large, good condition, tintypes. As you can see, I came home with them. However, I went through my tintype collection, and decided to put these up for sale in my etsy shop.

Question: How many of something do you have to have to call it a collection????

Then there was THIS little beauty. The photo feels like leather and it looks like a little girl or boy wrapped up in gauze or something. Kinda strange looking I know, but I like the colors and the way it feels. Plus, I got it - along with those other two frames I showed you earlier in the post, for a total of $1.00.

This is the backside of the frame. I just love how it's all old with the worn paint . . .

And these - Orange Premium Stamps. THIS was a rare find! As soon as I put one of these books in my etsy shop, someone snatched it up. I've since listed another one.

and this glass and pewter house shaped piece I picked up for 50 cents . . .

But the find of the day was the piece AT THE VERY TOP OF THIS POST- the bird house. Two young girls about 10 years old were manning the yard sale where I saw this piece out on the sidewalk when I drove by. I asked how much they wanted for it. They said $3. I said $2. Now REALLY . . . wasn't that like the best deal of the day? Two dollars!!

Did any of you go out on Saturday and pick up any goodies?


i am very mary said...

Oh just shut up.

A Fanciful Twist said...

Ooooooo!!!! Love it love it! What tresures!!

Sandra Evertson said...

Love the bird cage!
Sandra Evertson

purplepaint said...

Oh I'm soooooooooo jealous!!! I want to go to your garage sales! Wow! Love all the goodies you found, you are so lucky!

Lorri said...

ooh that birdcage is divine! I think more than 1 can be a collection lol
Gorgeous eye-candy here!

SweetAnnee said...

I love it all, but especially the
lil child in gauze..very interesting..
smiles, Deena

sf said...

You're a winner, woman!
Check my blog - see for yourself - send me your mailing addy!

TiffanyJane said...

Oh Gosh, you found some good stuff!!!!! I esp. LOVE the birdcage!!!!