Friday Night in Long Beach - Junktiques and The Vintage Emporium

Before class last night, I had a chance to visit Junktiques over on Obispo in Signal Hill. What a treat it was to meet and spend some time talking with the owner, Jacob. He's quite a lively guy.

Here are a few photos I took from inside the shop:

Jacob has quite a selection of old clocks in his store!

But there's one thing that Jacob does not have? Good directions! LOL

Jacob has a sister, Fern, who owns Fern's Garden over on 2nd street. I never made it there, because I was heading in the wrong direction. I'm thinking it was a good thing I couldn't/didn't go though, because I heard from some of the students in class that I would have enjoyed it. And you know what THAT means - spending money! I'll have to check it out the next time I'm in the area.

After a quick dinner, I headed on over to The Vintage Emporium to set up for my workshop.
Out front at The Vintage Emporium

A couple of the Halloween displays inside the store . . .

Be sure to click on the photos to get a closer look at what Julie Anne has in her store!

The Proprietor - Julie, taking a call before class starts

This was "the spread" Julie had set up for last night's workshop. Isn't this nice? (thanks Julie!)

I had the best time teaching at The Vintage Emporium last night! Nine ladies were in attendance.

Thank you Janice, Mary, Diana, Betty, Lori, Donna, Dorothy, Sylvia and Julie! Thank you Patty for ordering a class kit - sorry you couldn't be there in person :-(

And make that a REALLY big thank you Julie for the warm welcome and invitation to teach in your store!

PS The first time I was in the store, I was eyeing a bag I wanted. The bag was still there last night, so I grabbed it this time. I just love the cherry print, don't you? *smiles*


Anonymous said...

I would have broken my promise to The Hubbs and bought that bag...I love cherries and big bags are A MUST!

Anonymous said...

PS...those necklaces are so wonderful...wonder WHY they are not in the Etsy store? HM? Inquiring minds want to know... pss2 I could not believe that was Jaime Foxx singing on your blog!

i am very mary said...

I seriously need to come out there with an empty suitcase and a credit card.

Cindy Forrester said...

Hi Sherry,

I just love the necklaces you create and that is so cool you were teaching how to make them!!! Love the cherry purse too!!


NJTomboy said...

The ladies did a wonderful job.. Those necklaces are very cute!