Strawberry Surprise

Lezlei (you remember, the ex-sister-in-law-best-friend that moved to Texas) has been telling me about this dessert that she makes called Strawberry Surprise. Everytime I go to the market I forget to pick up the ingredients, so I hadn't made it yet. Well, yesterday was finally the day.

This is so easy and so GOOD! Thought I would share the recipe and some photos with you.

You will need the following: fresh strawberries, one 8 oz. brick of cream cheese, one cup of powdered sugar, one small tub of Cool Whip, one Tablespoon of Vanilla Extract, and one Angel Food Cake.

Next, get a large mixing bowl and mix the cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract. Once that is mixed thoroughly, add the Cool Whip

Tear about half of the angel food cake into small pieces and fold into the mixture.
Spread this into a shallow pan.

Empty the strawberry glaze into another bowl, clean and slice the fresh strawberries, mix until strawberries are nicely coated

Spread this mixture over the top of the cake mixture and place in the refrigerator

Lezlei said to let it stay in the fridge for about an hour, but she also said that she never does -*smiles*. And of course, you can double the recipe if you will be sharing. Enjoy!

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