Vacation - Day 9

Coffee Mug for Sunday, Vacation Day 9 (similar to Day 4)

No, I didn't forget about Vacation Day - 8. The day was just so filled with The Shield, making art and running the teenage manchild around, that I didn't have time to blog yesterday.

Going to Church this morning. Haven't been in awhile and ran into an acquaintance on Friday that invited me to visit her Church. So I'm heading out to the 7:45am service.

Here are a few pieces I started working on last night. Only the Fallen Bunny and his mother have been adhered at this point.
Fallen Bunny

All Alone ( still in the auditioning stages)

Through the Keyhole. The photo was supplied by Mind Wide Open for the monthly challenge. I couldn't get my act together to create something and submit by the 7th, but I really liked the piece, so I'm going to use it anyway.
( still in the auditioning stages)
* * * * * * * * * * * *

On a somber note, actor/comedian Bernie Mac passed away Saturday morning from complications due to pneumonia in a Chicago area hospital.

Bernie Mac was 50 years old. He was the star of The Bernie Mac Show from 2001 - 2006. He also starred in the movie Ocean's Eleven.

Bernie had sarcoidosis, but it was in remission. Because he had sarcoidosis, his immune system was compromised. He had an infection and was on a new medication that suppresses the immune system - that's where the pneumonia came from.

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JerseyTjej said...

My family called me last night to tell me that he died...My daughter took it really hard, because she "knows" Uncle Bernie, *Nessa.Jordan and "Baby girl", which is her nickname as well...The only thing you can do is send out prayer of comfort and condolence to the family both blood and extended that are affected by his passing.