Vacation - Day 11 (Tuesday)

I'm dedicating today's morning post to Mr. Isaac Hayes . . .

I just heard on television this morning that Mr. Hayes died on Sunday at the age of 65.

For those of you that are too young to remember, Isaac Hayes did "The Theme from Shaft" back in 1971 (the year I graduated from high school) Then there was "Walk on by", "By the Time I get to Phoenix", "Superfly", . . . and so many more! I guess the *younger set* will remember him as Chef in the show South Park. Mr. Hayes was the voice of Chef.

Isaac Hayes was born Aug. 20, 1942, in a tin shack in rural Covington, Tenn., to a mother who died early and a father who left home. Isaac was raised largely by his grandparents, and worked in cotton fields while going to school. He began playing in local bands, and by early 1964, when he was 21, he was working as a backup musician for Stax.

One of my all-time favorite songs Isaac Hayes did was "Do Your Thing". . .

If the music make you move, cause you can really groove - groove on, groove on
If you feel like you wanna make love, under the stars above - love on, love on
If there's somethin' you wanna say, and talkin' is the only way - rap on, rap on
Cause whatever you do, oh, you've got to do your thing.
If you feel like you wanna scream, cause that's your way of lettin' off steam
- scream on, scream on
If you feel like you wanna sing, cause singin' is your thing - sing on, sing on
If you wanna make love all night and you feel it's right - right on, right on
Cause whatever you do, oh, you've got to do your thing - do your thing

You'll be missed Mr. Hayes!

To hear "Do Your Thing", find the song over to the right in my "What I'm Listening to . . ." I've put it at #1 today.

Bernie Mac (who passed on Saturday) (left) and Isaac Hayes (middle) will be in a movie this Fall with Samuel L. Jackson (right) called Soul Men.


Jennifer said...

My husband is always singing the Shaft theme song! Poor Issac Hayes...and Bernie Mac.

Renee Troy said...

Isaac is from my generation and I was touched by his passing. I'll miss his music also.
Renee Troy