Sunday, August 24 - Collage Sheets and Mannequins

Several blog posts ago (Vacation Day 10), I sent a call out to Blogland, asking for help in creating some digital collage sheets to sell. Several of you responded with some excellent advice and guidance. Once I got into it, it became more work than fun for me, so I have put that project on the back burner for now. I will not forget all of you that responded, and will send you my first sheet when I get back to that project.

I have returned to a project I really never got started with in the first place - well, sort of. On my July 6th Holiday Weekend Wrap-up Post, I blogged about a mannequin that my friend and her husband bought for me at a garage sale.

Below are the photos again:

As you can see, the form is blue and white pin-striped. I want to change the color so it has the look of a vintage French mannequin.

In the April 2008 Romantic Homes magazine, there is an article on pages 12-13 written by Tara Frey and Heather Bullard that demonstrates how to turn a stark dress form into something that looks like it was imported from Paris.

I have tried to contact Tara and Heather, as well as a couple of other people that have gone through this process, but haven't heard back from anyone yet.

So before I go out and purchase a quart of Valspar interior flat paint in Churchill Hotel Wheat, Valspar faux antiquing glaze, and Kilz spray primer, I thought I would step out into Blogland in hopes that someone will be able to give me some guidance on still ANOTHER one of my projects in the works.

What do you think? Will I get good coverage for those pin-stripes? Do you think using this Kilz spray primer and then the paint and glaze will do the trick? My mannequin has sleeves that snap on and off. I'm thinking I want to keep and paint the sleeves, in case at some point I really get creative and add some hands.

I need to get *her* painted, dressed and give her a name as soon as possible. She's been standing in my living room so long now, that my teenage son has put a hat he won at the Fair on her!

This is DEFINITELY not the look I was shooting for.


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Sherry! Thanks so much for commenting on my giveaway post, who knows? one could be a lucky number!! I think the kilz and the paint will look WONDERFUL and cover great. I would do the sleeves as well and it will definitely tie them together more visually. You'll love the aged effect. I have a "newer" one too that I've got to age make me want to paint mine!
xxoo, Dawn

Gilding the Lily said...

Hi Sherry! Check out Lidy's blog at Frenchgardenhouse to see a little upholstered number she has up...very cute. However, if you are not so inclined to sew, consider going to the thrift store and finding some stretch lace garments and slipping them on her. I have done this with my mannie's from time to time and it is a fun look! Nancy

i am very mary said...

I LOVE my mannequin. Her name is Busty LaRue. snicker.

Anonymous said...

Denise Nantasket Beach Mass.

Sheryl said...

I recovered a mannequin for the shoppe with stretch velvet. I think if you had a thick linned you could do the dame. Between spray 77 & a glue gun I did fairly well. Our Manne came apart in sections so that helped too. I see you are going to the Forrester class. Stacey & I will be there too!